Nepal Festival NT 2024

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01 Jun - 15:00

Nepal Festival NT 2024

Non Resident Nepalese Association Northern Territory

Nepal Festival NT 2024 is a celebrated and award-winning festival, recognized as one of the most iconic gatherings in Darwin. It is a vibrant showcase of Nepali culture, tradition, and cuisine, reflecting the rich tapestry of our heritage. The festival has earned accolades, notably being honoured as the Event of the Year 2022 by Darwin City Council, a testament to its significance and impact.

The festival houses more than 20 display homes, each illustrating the authentic culture of Nepal and promoting Nepali businesses. These displays offer a glimpse into the diverse and rich traditions of Nepal, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in our unique cultural tapestry.

Food is a significant part of the festival, with nearly 10 food vendors offering the most authentic Nepali cuisine from different regions of Nepal. These culinary delights provide a gastronomic journey through the varied and flavourful cuisine of our homeland.

The event’s entertainment is packed with thrilling group performances on stage, culminating in a spectacular finale by a renowned artist directly from Nepal. These performances infuse the festival with energy and excitement, showcasing the artistic and creative expressions of our culture.

To end the festival on a high note, a dazzling display of fireworks lights up the sky, leaving attendees with unforgettable memories of a night steeped in Nepali culture and tradition.

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