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Local Favourites

Bruce, The Rugby Shop

Local Favourites

"We've been a part of Darwin City for a long time. Since opening, we've extended our services from everything Rugby and NRL to providing team wear, casual wear, footwear and more.  We've got plenty of team uniforms from both Rugby Union and League along with some AFL and other sporting teams"

"As someone who's played the game since 1964, I've got a passion for Rugby and love to chat about it.  It's also why our shop is uniquely adorned with Plaques, Jerseys and assorted memorabilia. "

"Throughout the past two years we've had a challenging time.  Despite this, we've continued to cater to our valued customers and provide high quality service, and the support we receive from other local business is highly respected and appreciated."

"If you're curious about what we've got in-store, come in and say “G'day,” check out our website or give us a call.  We are more than happy to help."

- Bruce, The Rugby Shop

Coffee and lunch spot: Salvatores Cafe

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